What is Dogecoin Coin?

Dogecoin is a digital currency that is decentralized and considered very secure. The Dogecoin Coin is used as a cryptocurrency especially in the private sector, but also some online shops. What sets Dogecoin Coin apart from other cryptocurrencies is its social purpose: for example, Dogecoin Coins are used on the Reddit and Twitter websites to show users appreciation for successful comments or contributions. It is through this media presence that Dogecoin Coin has quickly become known and is now trading at $ 16,311,100 a day.

Dogecoin Coin – The Cryptocurrency

The total market volume of the Dogecoin Coin is 88.006.525 USD and the price is 0.000792 USD (as at 15.09.17). Dogecoin Coin is one of the ten largest cryptocurrencies ever. The fact that the price is so low and the market volume is very large, makes it clear how many dogecoin coins are traded daily.

This is due to the social character of the cryptocurrency compared to other cryptocurrencies. Private transactions among themselves is a function of Dogecoin Coins, but they can also be used as means of payment in online shops. For example, Bitcoins can also be purchased through Dogecoin Coins. With the social media appreciation feature, the developers of the currency have created a niche among the cryptocurrencies.

The concept behind Dogecoin Coin has been created very user-friendly. With very little effort, the user can create a Dogecoin Wallet and charge with the acquired Dogecoin Coins. This digital wallet is available to users anytime on their computer, smartphone or other portable device.


Dogecoin is a product of the Internet age. With the wit and charm behind the history of the Dogecoin Coins, the developers have created a successful concept. Because Dogecoin can be traded very easily and anonymously and is also very weak, this currency is used millions of times a day by private users for social and charitable purposes. Through this concept, Dogecoin has developed a unique but also very strong position on the financial market.

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